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Comment about a Pollarded Beech, High Beach, Epping Forest, Essex

RE: comments about age of beech pollard - it's very unlikely that a pollarded beech mentioned is as much as 1000 years old, perhaps 500 is more likely (which is still very old for a beech) although when this old the trunks are hollow so it becomes more a case of speculation. The large pollarded beeches at Burnham Beeches are more realistically estimated to be in the region of 400- 500 years old. Read some of Alan Mitchells tree guides for more about estimating tree age.

Michael Gibbs, Berkshire Tue 14th Dec 2010

The Beech Pollard (Coppard) mentioned, although not the one in the picture, was estimated by John White of the Forestry Commission to be over a thousand years old.

I'm happy to stick with that estimate.

Barry, BeenThere-DoneThat Tue 14th Dec 2010

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