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Comment about the view over Chingford Plain (1), Epping Forest, Essex

I was born in chingford, my home backed onto epping forest and it was just a short walk to yardley hill and the chingford plains. I have just returned from a christmas holiday with my family, and of course walking in the forest was my first priority. I spent most of my childhood wandering the forest with all my friends. We would look for golf balls in the ditches on the plains, and I can remember selling them in the little wooden golf club hut, alot has changed as I saw on my holidfay. It is still very beautiful, a bit overgrown in some places. For instance, we used to sled our way right down yardley hill to the bottom but now it is quite overgrown with saplings. I still remember going to the fair and spending the whole day just walking around. I also was lucky enough to work at Gilwell park in the general office for three years, so all my young life was spent in or around the forest, infact my husband proposed to me at high beach, I could'nt think of a more beautiful place. I left England 39 years ago, but my heart is still in chingford, especially the forest.

J. Shannon, Adelaide S.Australia Thu 26th Mar 2009

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