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Comment about the day trip to Epping Forest

I took my girlfriend on the walk through Epping Forest.

We remarked a few times on the way how good the directions are and I had a print out from your site and found all the directions were spot on. In two places we walked slightly too far, i.e. missed a turning, but your directions were precise enough that we realised almost immediately and retraced our steps.

It was a really nice walk - the forest was lovely and it was amazingly empty - I thought there would be loads of people wandering round. We took the diversion off the track to Loughton Camp, no problems, and I did not take anything 'directions wise' other than your written ones. I did print your map off the net too but did not refer to it.

I will definitely be taking a few more trips with your guide notes in my pocket!

Pete Sanlon, London

I really like your page. We had followed your Epping Forest route and had a great day! Also the descriptions and instructions of "how to get there" were very detailed and we hardly needed to use the map.

Thank you very much, great job!

Alexandra Hope, UK

A big thank you for your detailed and wonderful directions for the walk in Epping Forest. They were incredible and helped us on a very very nice walk (in fact, we didn't even have the ordnance map !!!). We did get lost once (when we didn't take the left on the main trail from Loughton Camp to High Beach). It wasn't that bad, we went to the main road, re-traced our path and took the first right (which was the path we were supposed to take).

Again, thank you very much.

Anandha Gopalan, London. Wed 7th Oct 2009

hi, thanks so much for providing this information online! we are going to do this walk on Friday and wanted to double check - at the top of the instructions it says 7 1/2 miles, but if you add up all of the sections I think it only adds up to 6 1/2 - just wanted to confirm if you know which is the actual distance? Many thanks!

saasha celestial-one, United Kingdom Tue 27th Mar 2012

You'll notice that the instructions also say the distances for each section are approximate. I would say that the overall distance of 7.5 miles is reasonably accurate but if you can walk 6 miles you can certainly walk another one without any problems.

Barry, BeenThere-DoneThat web site Tue 27th Mar 2012

We just got back from this walk and it was FANTASTIC!! We didn't get lost once except for when we tried to find the Loughton Camp. We met a friendly family of ducks at Strawberry Pond. They came to say hello, we both took Instagrams. My girlfriend got 3 likes on her's. The rest of the walk was great, we even saw a Ferrari F50! Wow! The King's Oak pub was great, some horses came. One had an itch. Nothing much happened after that but was still extremely pleasant. No Strawberry Ribena in Chingford though! :(

Great directions, great route. Thank you kind sir/madam!

Norby Futon, Whitechapel Sat 2nd Jun 2012

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