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Comment about the Village Green and Pond, Finchingfield, Essex

Nice village. Was christened at the Church. Mum and Dad got married there. Most of my family rest in that Church yard, or the Chapel yard, just up from Sunnyside. Had the greatest pleasure of meeting Ben Turner who ran the shop on the hill. Kept a bar chocolate for me, when on ration. He went to America as a young man, waggon train, and all that. He came back to village. Article in local paper about his life, in the late 50's. What happened to Whit Monday Fare? It was a super day out.

My Uncle had one of the first flush toilets in the village, but it flushed out in to the river Pant! What price progress?

BBC holds movie film of village called "Around The Village Green". Wonderful stuff. Every resident should view it. Made before the ourbreak of WWII.

What is the oldest house around the Village Green? Well I was told as a kid, but was that just an old yarn.

What happened to the Village Stocks? Am I the only one to remember?

My grandfather supplied the horses for the village fire engine. Yes it really did have one, but where was it stored?

Who is the missing man of the village? Yes there really was a mystery, but nobody would talk about it then, and haven't heard anything about it in later life.

I hope the mounting stone is still outside the garage at Street Farm. It was there all my life, that of my parents, and grandparents. It rolls across the road at midnight on a full moon. Well I never did!

Hope yopu find this a happy, fun, historical punt in to your wonderful page. Could do more, but feel this is quite enough. I leave it all up to my wife. I like writing on the back of an envelope, it's easier.

Oh, the village policeman during the war was Fred Double, had two daughters.

The german pilot who parachuted down in to the village, was held in the kitchen at Street Farm.

See, I could keep going, but am stopping.

Graham Bober, Essex Wed 17th Dec 2008

What a beautiful place! Your photos are inspiring.

Nupur Dasgupta, West Bengal, India Sun 28th Dec 2008

What beautiful pictures, I am curious to know if this is Duck End? as have many Suckling Ancestors from Finchingfield! I am now planning on visiting Finchingfield within the next few months...

Rosemary Singleton, Boston, Lincolnshire, England. Mon 1st Jul 2013

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