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Comment about Finchingfield, Essex

Its Beautiful!

sapan vahora, India

I would be interested to know when Finchingfield has its annual fair. regards Colin

Colin Fryer, hornchurch essex

As far as I'm aware it doesn't have an annual fair.

Barry, BeenThere-DoneThat

You must live in this delightful little village to have such beautiful photos. My husband and I visited several times during a ten year posting in London and took visitors with us frequently. Finchingfield must qualify as at least one of the most typical little English villages which fulfill a traveller's mental image of the quintessential olde village. East Anglia probably does not receive as many visitors from abroad as other counties, but I can vouch for the great charm of the entire eastern "bump" of England. I can also vouch for the large number of brass memorials in the little churches many of which we rubbed.

Eileen Fiell, Invermere, BC Canada

I lived there from 74 - 78. I was stationed at the NATO reserve base, then called RAF Wethersfield. The area was lovely and the folks living there were great. Thirty-one years later, I still think fondly of the area, and miss it very much.

Dann, Missouri Mon 16th Mar 2009

I loved this place as a child.I lived at RAF Wethersfield from 76 to 80

steven otero, Las Vegas NV, USA Mon 8th Feb 2010

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