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Comment about the Church of St. Andrew, Greensted, Essex

I visited this church in 1964 and understand that it dates from 845 AD. Brian

Brian Kavanagh, Melbourne, Australia

I thought the nave dated from the 11th century as stated. I have visited the church but could not get in as it was locked. Who do I contact for entry?

Barry Charles Hennessey, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood

I am proud to have a connection with this beautiful church. I was christened here and was bridesmaid at my cousins wedding 16yrs later.

V R, Bexley Kent

What a pretty church, it is a shame they haven't cut the grass!! The reason I wanted to see it is because my Great Grandmother Hannah Southgate was christened there in 1850.

Patricia Jill Gray, Bournemouth Fri 24th Apr 2009

This picture is heavenly and a friend recommended I take a look. Please can you let me know if me and my fiance could get married here and if so, what we would have to do?

Denise Beecham, Chelmsford Fri 1st May 2009

Beautiful picture . I lived in Ongar as a young teen in the fifties, and we often walked to Greenstead Church . It still looks exactly the same as I remember it . I am glad the developers haven't swallowed it up !

Corinne Liddycoat ( March), Ontario ,Canada Tue 29th Mar 2011

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