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Comment about St. Marys Church and the Deanery Tower, Hadleigh, Suffolk

lovely picture, how tall is the spire, please?

janice farrow

The spire on Hadleigh Church is 135 feet high. It was apparently built at the rate of 10 feet per year to give the lime mortar time to set properly.

Barry, BeenThere-DoneThat

very nice

Anonymous Wed 12th Nov 2008

Can you please advise a Contact Name.and e-Mail address for the St. Andrew's Churchwarden.

I need to know if there has been published a Book giving Confirmations, Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals at this Church or is this info available online??

Many Thanks,

John Faiers

John Faiers, Linslade, Beds Thu 3rd Dec 2009

The Deanery Tower was originally built by Rev Pykenham as a gatehouse for a splendid Deanery to be built by the river Brett. Sadly, he ran out of money and nothing more was built. The tower was lived in as the Deanery until the Victorian period, when the current Deanery was built as an extension to the Tower.

Dan Cox Sun 13th May 2012

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