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Comment about the Highlands of Scotland

Your map has my home town mis-spelled. Sterling is a very large furniture store in Tillicoultry, not were I live. It's spelled 'STIRLING', as in 'Stirling Castle'.

S. McPhail, Stirling, Scotland Mon 9th Mar 2009

You are quite right of course. The spelling has now been corrected.

Barry, BeenThere-DoneThat Wed 18th Mar 2009

I have visited Scotland twice now, once in June 2009 and again in June 2011, both times on motorcycles. An amazing place, Edinburgh and across the Forth Bridge, Loch Ness and Inverness across the bridge up to Wick and then John o Groats, then Dunnet Head over the highlands and around to the the Isle of Skye, stayed in Portree the saw the Old man of Stowe rock and the waterfall back South on the ferry and down to Fort Williams over the ferry again and around the west coast, found some magical places, Ben Nevis was WOW still snow in the top in June. Down to Dunoon and over another ferry and Glasgow and Down the west again see the Isle out in the sea like a large piece of rock, and through Galloway WOW WOW WOW some great sites and magical memories. Been a third time but did not travel so far, in the car very south of Scotland.

Paul Compton, Crewe Tue 6th Dec 2011

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