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Comment about the 14th Century Bell Inn, Kersey, Suffolk

We paid several visits to the Bell Inn last week during our stay in Suffolk. Food was excellent, beer also well kept (Timothy Taylor's Landlord was the guest beer). Call in on a Tuesday evening and try the curry menu! Lunchtimes - try one of the "Flatbread" choices, a cross between a naan-bread and a chicken- wrap. Watch out for the surprise step in the lounge as you walk in!

Steve Walker, Leamington Spa

What a marvellous find! An unspoilt English pub,bursting with character. The Green King IPA was superbly kept and my humble meal of ham egg chips was turned into a feast with ham carved from the bone, fresh cut chips and even one of the eggs was a double yolker. My wife had the cod & chips which was equally huge and delicious. Am already planning a return visit!

mark flegg, chelmsford essex

My parents and I lived at The Bell Inn and I met my future husband there and became engaged there.My father started putting all the potted geraniums outside. What a wonferful sight..My husband and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary here in florida on December the 2nd..

Julianne Smith(nee Gibbs), Ormond Beach, Florida U.S.A. Sat 11th Dec 2010

Visited Kersey in I think about 1970 stayed overnight at the Kersey Bell Inn and have never forgotten it. In fact I look at the wood carved picture of the inn which we bought, that a local to the area, I think, named King had done and he signed his carvings with a crown, every day as it is hanging on my wall above computer. We went to his home and what a lovely man. We bought two more wood carved pictures, one of a shire horse and one of a pony which I have in my hall. He did carvings for the American service men at Mildenhall. What memories of that our first holiday on our own without the children.

Taylor, Aldridge Sun 12th Dec 2010

When I first arrived in the UK, eight years ago, it was my mission to ferret out the best fish and chips. While on a Wednesday outing with friends, we stopped in at The Bell Inn--it has yet to be beaten for first place! Not only were the fish and chips excellent, the Inn was truly atmospheric and, to my Anglophile nature, magic!

Debra Tarana, Formerly Upminster, now St. Louis, MO, USA Wed 24th Aug 2011

My parents and I were lucky enough to be living at The Bell Inn in the 1960's.My father was so proud of the beautiful pots of geraniums that he displayed outside the pub.I feel so lucky to have grown up in such a beautful location.

Julianne Smith(Gibbs), Ormond Beach Florida Thu 22nd Mar 2012

Marvellous pub,pity there aren't a few more like it!

Len Matthews, Clacton on Sea Mon 21st May 2012

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