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Comment about the Ford and Church, Kersey, Suffolk

This is the village of my distant ancestors, so I've been told. I've tried to no avail to trace back to the Village of Kersey, but have had problems getting any information on my paternal grandfather from St. John's Newfoundland. There being a fire that occurred in the early l900's in St. John's that destroyed a vast number of records. I perhaps need to look at ship's records. Anyway, I think the pictures are beautiful. A quaint village from what I can see possessing a unique engineering solution to the "Kersey Splash"! Ah, simplicity.

Diane Kersey Donohue, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

My great grandparents, Emma and Jack Martin, lived in kersey and I have many happy mememories of splashing through the ford on our way to visit them at their cottage close to the church. I have been back recently to have a look at their old home. It is now twice the size! When great granny lived there it was a two up, two down with no bathroom for many years. I remember standing next to her as she proudly watched her new bathroom suite installed. Great Granny lived in Kersey untill the mid eighties when she moved to Hadleigh where she died at Sydney Brown Court aged 104. She was a wonderful lady.

jacqueline martyniak, leatherhead Tue 17th Feb 2009

Hi! I visited "old Kersey' in 1995. I was especially interested in the house with "splash" running along side it. My grandmother Ada Alice Hoggarth/Otway emigrated to Canada in 1907 and brought with her a particualy lovely watercolour of this house. I has been in our family 3 generation & I own it now.I always wondered who owned the house. The name of town was discovered by me when I removed the watercolour from it's frame. My grannie had written "Old Kersey" on back of it. My watercolour has a more mature tree than one I saw in 1995,not like the seedling that I saw on my visit. The man working in the Pottery building was not very helpful in answering my questions about the house. I did talk to a lady in the Tourist building in a nearby town who said an artist used to own [or still did] At that time the house looked very run down and uninhabited. Your photo on this site shows newer windows or at least frames look painted white.Possibly someone lives there now?? The little ducklings in the splash were delightful. There were some lovely homes in the area some with thatched roofs. I was glad I rented a car to visit this town.

Isobel Oliver, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Thu 4th Jun 2009

What a lovely place My maiden name is Kersey.I would love to someday visit this Town where my ancestors came from.

Sally Goff, Marietta,Ga. Thu 24th Dec 2009

I came through Kersey when i was a little girl, my grandad brought me, he told me that the village was named after some ancestors. He showed me the house where he was born i properly cant remember now even where is it, i havent been back to Kersey village but intend to soon.

Please if any remembers the Kersey family my Grandad was called Stanley it would have been sometime in the 1920 about their.

He has never spoke of his family much but i would like to know more but have very limited knowledge.

Claire Giles, Derbyshire Wed 31st Mar 2010

Hi! As my name is Kersey I have always wanted to visit the little village called kersey, my nans maiden name was kersey I think thats why my mother and father named me this! My nan printed loads of things out for me when I was a baby about Kersey and have never been able to get there! I hope in the future I can go. I would love to.

Kersey Thorpe, Cambridgeshire Wisbech Tue 2nd Nov 2010

So this is where my ancestors came from. What a beautiful place.

I would love to make the journey to come visit someday, and will plan on it in the near future.

Dr. Noah H. Kersey, Carmel, Indiana U.S.A. Tue 3rd May 2011

My husband Sidney Kersey and I visited the lovely town of Kersey in the 80s, and we loved it as well as Ipswitch, Hadleigh and the area around Kersey. The Kersey Pottery, Postoffice and Church is a must to see. My husband was born in Manchhester, GA, USA, and his family came from the UK in the 1800s. We hope to visit the town of Kersey again during our 40s wedding aniversary! We were married in London! PS: The name "Kersey" originates from the 'kersey Cloth" woven a long time ago in the area.

Heide R.Kersey, Pensacola, FL Thu 17th Jan 2013

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