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Comment about the Street, Kersey, Suffolk

This village is a gem even among English villages and although it can only be approached by car through tortuously narrow and twisty lanes, it is well worth the effort. We visited Kersey in June of 2007 and after spending several happy hours exploring this enchanting place and admiring the lush private gardens, we had a drink in the local pub. It is amazing that this sturdy old building has stood there since it was built in 1200AD, I believe, without any major renovations in the centuries since. I believe all the buildings date from about this time, and modern buildings and any renovations to the ancient cottages and houses are strictly controlled.

Any changes have to conform to the medieval style of architecture, using only authentic materials of 800yrs ago. This must put these buildings out of the reach of ordinary folk, as solid oak beams must be extremely expensive even if they are obtainable. The original builders knew how to build to last! The village was practically deserted when we were there. Someone explained that all the professional people who live there now, were at work in Ipswich, and some commute to London.

Visitors should visit the Kersey Pottery at the foot of the steps leading up to the Parish Church on the top of the hill to the south where some beautiful pottery items are made, sold to Harrods and other high end stores in London.

Diane Kersey Donohue, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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