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Comment about the Pottery, Kersey, Suffolk

I have just come across a stoneware plate /platter which is glazed duck egg blue and has a flower design in the centre, the side of the plate is about an inch deep. On the back is a label saying Stoneware made by Robert Tarling at Kersey Pottery Kersey Suffolk England. I was curious to know if he is still making this pottery and what is the cost.

I had never heard of Kersey but it looks delightful from the photographs on the website.

Thanking You

Josephine Ward

Mrs J Ward, Nottingham

The town of "Kersey" is beautiful. Just to visit this village would be the greatest. My family was blessed with the name of "Kersey" which I am so proud of. The pottery and your talents are GREAT!

Bettye Kersey Taylor, Kentucky, USA Wed 7th Jul 2010

Ah, The many pieces made the trip from Suffolk to the United States during the time I lived in England! My favourites were the little bitty spoons (seemingly made from leftover clay) and the handle-less milk/cream jugs with the pinch finger grips. They are all still in use by me and those fortunate friends who "made the grade" in receiving these treasures!

Debra Tarana, Formerly Upminster, now St. Louis, MO, USA Wed 24th Aug 2011

Is any kersey pottery available to purchase?

Darrell kersey, 1658 g ave ogden,iowa Fri 27th Nov 2015

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