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Comment about Ye Olde Bullring Tavern, Ludlow, Shropshire

What an amazingly fantastic building! Just full of character and quirkiness. This was somewhat spoilt by staff, who, although pleasant, weren't really up to the mark. We ordered our Sunday lunch and 20 minutes later had to re- order,as our original order had been mislaid. It was very quiet, at this time. Our coffee was overfull and had soaked into the sugar sachets, the roast dinner was wonderfully hot but let down by the rather tough meat and frozen veg. Other customers requested an exchange of vinegar bottle which contained a foreign body! Having been a publican and restauranteur myself, I am fully aware of how hard life can be in a recession. But there is no excuse for dirty premises!Or, for that matter, staff who really do not know what they are doing.

In the event we were overcharged for our mediocre dinners but still left a tip as we fully understand the stresses of an overworked , underpaid publican/staff. Apparently they had been rushed off their feet yesterday, so we can comprehend how tired they all were today.... VALENTINES. I was amazed at how quiet they were, on such an occasion. Most of their problems could be solved with some professional training and attention to detail. Easier said than done when you are exhausted, just keeping your head above water. I wish them all the best. If they ever require training then I am happy to give it free of charge.Expenses only!

Janet Woods, Oswestry Sun 14th Feb 2010

Awesome architecture. Very nice webpage--I taught webpage designs/technology and art for 35 years! I had 42 countries of high school students plus a variety of USA people for computer software, Cisco Networking, animations, PhotoShop, etc. I'm retired.

My dad's family was in Ludlow, Vermont, USA and I'm working on architecture quilting of buildings with details of windows, doors, roofing, wall layouts, seasons, and details like: round barns, round houses, variety of eyebrow windows, town layout, lighthouses, covered bridges, mills, sailboats, churches, antique houses, etc. I was on-line looking for Okemo (ski mountain) of Ludlow, VT for homes and a Ludlow, UK came up and I worked over an hour viewing your antique buildings mainly, plus text. I may want to add a piece of UK town parts--areas like Ludlow, Plumley, Davis, Eaton of my family names/towns--to add to a quilt to upgrade us besides just our features here in Vermont.

The layout is unique of your town not to mention the "ages" that the buildings survived and are still beautiful/used. This particular pic has a man on the sidewalk to show me the size of the building, windows, etc.

I've always considered UK my mom and US my dad (I have a little Native American portion, but mainly UK). My husband's great-great-grandfather only went to school until 3rd grade and he named his 17 kids 2 different last names- -Morin and Morrie!!!--just to have you understand the last name. An Eaton related to my mom, Barbara Eaton Davis Plumley, came to Plymouth, Massachusetts to build homes with the first group of Christians for the beginning of this country. Native Americans helped them and the UK people helped the Native Americans. (Some of my family came from UK to Canada and then to USA and some came from UK to USA.) Canada is my sister.

Super thank you for your website. UK143 = UK I Love You.


Nancy Plumley Morrie, Monkton, Vermont, USA --a ridge before the Green Mountains Mon 14th Mar 2011

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