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Comment about High Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire

I loved your photos of Marlborough. I have been doing some research on the town as my ancestors lived there during the 18th century. The picture of the narrow street is named Perrins Hill which is the name of my ancestors so I'm trying to find out a bit more about it. By the way I think the shops in Marlborough are wonderfully individual; it is so refreshing to visit a place that is not like every other high street. Thankyou once again for the pics.

sarah Pearson-Phillips

Marlborough High Street 'is' the widest high street in the country. An advert was produced in the hight street about 10yrs ago when a aeroplane landed in the middle of the high street. It raised a lot of enthusiasum from the locals at the time. The High Street buildings are made up of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian historic buildings with all original features on the exterior & some in the interior and just to see those alone is worth a visit.

Shopping is a leisurely enjoyment here as there are not the run of the mill typical highstreet shops like 'peacocks', primark', new look and the only main high street shop we used to have was Woolworths. We do now have M & Co, W H Smiths, Boots and One stop shop which gives us our practical things which we were lacking once Woolworths closed.

The shops here are idyllic, pretty, arts & crafts, nicnac shops, gift shops, fair trade Indian shop, boutiques, Antigues, traditional sweet shops favoured by the local children of course. There used to be a cinema back in the 60's which has long since been a Waitrose supermarket. Of course cafes, pubs, restaurants, bakeries, butchers and hotels all make up the high street too. So all in all we have everything we need. :-) Tourists also enjoy the friendly, carefree, relaxed, mystical, beautiful, atmosphere all around Marlborough when they visit.

Mrs Helen Brown, Marlborough Wed 14th Apr 2010

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