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Comment about Exmoor, Somerset

Exmoor National Park, which covers 170,000 acres, was a lovely experience. There were beautiful vistas of Porlock Bay, a gorgeous view by the marker stone which divides the counties of Somerset and Devon, and the contrast in the landscape between the hills covered with sheep and golden gorse one side, and the sudden abrupt end of the craggy cliffs into the sea on the other, just marvelous. Being here in May, there was a bracing brisk breeze coming over from the Irish Sea. It was a bit chilly wandering away from the tour bus but the scenery just demanded that you stand out in the open and truly appreciate the sweeping countryside, clear blue sky, and the open world of gorse, rolling land, and the Celtic Sea.

Tour bus? That was an experience in itself! The road taken from Glastonbury to atop the ridge of Exmoor is very interesting while moving in a huge, long, bulky coach. The road through the forest was very narrow and steep. Switchbacks were having to be negotiated by our professional behind-the-wheel guy, many a time the coach having to be put in reverse in order to make a turn. This, of course, made our journey very slow and leisurely, but that was enjoyable. There was time to breath in the delightful green air...or so it seemed. There were so many trees and ferns, the air had a tinge of green to it. When we suddenly came out from the forest and found ourselves exposed to the elements, and with a view of Porlock, it was marvelous.

Our tour took us all along the edge of Exmoor National Park to Lynton and Lynmouth. As our coach had to go up at the beginning of the park, it had to go down at the end but seeing the twin towns, the harbor, and knowing that the best fish and chips of the trip were just around the next bend, the journey was worth it.

'Tudor Rose', Florida, U.S.A.

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