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Comment about a Steam Locomotive leaving Watchet Station, Somerset

Blue Anchor Bay - Watchet Coastline. Lovely Place, relatively unspoilt - peaceful. I used to live down the coast a bit at Doniford, my father was stationed at Doniford Camp in the mid to late sixties. I went to school in Watchet. We used to run under the waterfall at St Audries Bay and as a small boy, I used to hunt for ammonites at Kilve and the promontory at Blue Anchor Bay. Huge chunks of the cliff face now lie at its base there with lots of exposed salmon pink gypsum. Despite my families initial objection to one of 'Dads detours' on our way back to Manchester from Barnstaple in 2007, I took them over Exmoor and down along the coast through Blue Anchor, Watchet and St Audries. They were captivated. On arrival home my wife booked a holiday at Blue Anchor. It was like British sea side holidays should be. Although teenagers and used to the urban - my kids loved it. The steam train and waiting room at Blue Anchor was like something out of the Railway Children. It all seems now like one of those GWR posters from the mid twentieth century. I'm lucky because when we find (or in this case rediscover) a place like this - my family like to make a point of returning frequently, rather than letting it go like a lost dream. We are back next year, even if its only for a weekend. Great pictures by the way - very evocative, one for the bookmark file. Paul Goodrich and family.

Paul Goodrich, Manchester

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