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Comment about the Seven Sisters cliffs, Sussex, England

My comment is more of a question. Could you tell me how Seven Sisters got the name as there are other sites near London with the same ? Also do you know where I can learn about the role played by Seven Sisters during the last war ? Thankyou in anticipation Paul Iles

Paul Iles, Newhaven

The number 'seven' appears to have been significant throughout history although I cannot say why as it's origins are lost in the mists of time. The term 'Seven Sisters' has been applied to many groups of seven from natural formations to a group of oil companies. The Seven Sisters Cliffs form a wave-like surface with seven humps - hence the name. Seven Sisters, in London, apparently derives from a group of seven elm trees planted on Page Green. There were a lot of defences in place around Cuckmere Haven at the west end of the Seven Sisters during the last war because the beach there would have been an ideal landing place.

Barry, BeenThere-DoneThat

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