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Comment about the Seven Sisters from Birling Gap, Sussex, England

I went to school in Seaford in the 50's. The school was divided into two houses (Greeks and Trojans) which competed for plus and minus scores based on academic performance and behavior. In spring, the house that won went to Cuckmere Haven for the afternoon, while the house that lost had to stay indoors. The white horse is engraved in my soul as is making dams across the Cuckmere. I returned in 1971 with my cousin, and hope to return again this spring with my wife. I used your picture for a couple of years on my computer desktop. It is really lovely.

Mark Bean, Valley Forge, PA (USA)

I went to a school field trip to Seaford not so long ago. It was raining and windy and we had to climb the cliffs to the places where these pictures are taken. I'm doing a project on it now,but you guys made Seaford look beautiful. Well done. x

Cathie Tue 11th Nov 2008

There are actually eight summits, with seven dips between, reputedly once lived in by seven sisters; one in each dip!

Dan Cox Sun 13th May 2012

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