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Comment about Stainforth and the Ribble Valley, Yorkshire

Beautiful images and I love the way all the green is so bright and lively but you still get that feeling tht there was a chilly wind and it was grey. The one with the hill (Pen-y-Gent) is breathtaking and when you see it in full size it lookes HUGE. The sheep make me laugh - they look so curious and yet they look as if they just want you to get out of the way so they can cary on munching in peace. Well it looks peaceful enough up there with the wind blowing your, hair back behind you and just breathing in that moutain hilly air is a tremendous feeling.

Carry on with the pictures. I am doing a project on stuff like that and it was very helpful for jotting down notes and infomation without pages and pages of gobbledegook babbling on about the surveys and charts and visits. I had a super breakfast and then we went to see if we could catch some salmon for lunch before setting out on our jouney for a mountain walk. Find the highest point and then walk through a gatway............. That's nonsense unless of course you're looking for that type of stuff for a family walk. The thing I suggest though, if you do go on a family walk and you have a dog (even if you dont have a dog), the top game is hide and seek. It is wonderful! I played it with my family in the lake district and we had 3 minutes to hide. I went really far because I could for we have a dog though he kept looking for sheep instead of looking for us! But it is a must. Don't go sooo far if you don't have a dog but if you do then its a bonus!

Maddison , Blackburn

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