Tollesbury Village, Essex Location map
  Picture of The Square, Tollesbury, Essex, England   The Square, Tollesbury.

This view is from outside the church, in Church Street, looking through 'The Square', at the far end, into High Street. The area known locally as 'The Square' is really just a widening of part of Church Street.

This part of the village is about three quarters of a mile from the waterside.


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  Picture of Tollesbury Church, Tollesbury, Essex, England   St. Mary's Church, Tollesbury.

This church dates from just after the Norman Conquest, around 1090. Note that the lower part of the tower is made from septaria (stone nodules) and the upper part of brick. The lower part is Norman and the brick part is Tudor. The upper part probably collapsed and had to be rebuilt.

The church stands at the highest part of the village.

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  Picture of , Tollesbury, Essex, England   High Street, Tollesbury.

This view is opposite that part of Church Street known locally as 'The Square' looking along the High Street. There are only two roads into Tollesbury, both start from Tolleshunt D'Arcy and end up in the High Street, and they are the only way out.

Part of the King's Head pub can be seen on the corner to the left.



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  Picture of the Lock-up, Tollesbury, Essex, England   The Lock-up, Tollesbury.

Built around 1700 this wooden building would have been where drunks were held until they sobered up.

The inset shows a close-up of the small grill in the door which was the only place that air and light could get in.



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