Parking for Flatford Mill, Dedham Vale, Essex/Suffolk, England

There are three ways of approaching Flatford:

1. Drive from East Bergholt along Flatford Road to Flatford. There is a large, privately run, car park for which you will have to pay but it means a very short walk indeed to Flatford Mill of perhaps 200 yards. You can, of course, stop off in East Bergholt (see below) to look at the church and its unique bell cage.

2. Park in East Bergholt at the free car park behind the Red Lion pub. There is also some roadside parking near the church. Walk from there to Flatford along Flatford Road (the turning opposite the church) - a distance of about 1 mile. An easy walk along a pleasant country lane with views across Dedham Vale towards Dedham and you get the chance to have a look at the East Bergholt church.

3. Park in the free car park at Dedham and you could also look around Dedham village. Walk from there across the fields - a distance of about 1.5 miles.

4. There is also a small car park next to the Information Centre at Flatford itself, close by Bridge Cottage, but only for those people who are registered as disabled.

The Information Centre is contactable on:

Telephone: (0)1206 299460. Fax: (0)1206 399973.

Details for East Bergholt and Flatford, including a street map, are shown in the table below. Long stay means that you can park for as long as you like.

Location Type Opening Hours Available spaces
The Red Lion, East Bergholt Long Stay   26 + 3 Disabled + 2 Coach spaces
Flatford Long Stay   3 Disabled + 2 Staff
The distance from top to bottom of this map is about 1 mile.

Flatford car parks.

The above parking information, together with the map, were very kindly provided by Babergh District Council.