Winchester (3), Hampshire
The 13th Century Great Hall, Winchester, Hampshire, England, Great Britain
Winchester. 13th Century Great Hall.

The highly polished columns, made of Purbeck Limestone, are contemporary and were all constructed and polished by hand.

If you stand with your back to Arthur's round table and then go to the last two columns on your left you will see that they actually lean a little.


The Arthurian Round Table, Winchester, Hampshire, England, Great Britain
Winchester. The Arthurian Round Table.

Let's get straight to the nitty gritty. This is NOT King Arthur's Round Table. The only connection it has with Arthur is that it has him and the names of his knights on it. It was actually constructed, in the 14th Century, at the beginning of the reign of King Edward I.

It is however worth seeing. It is made of oak and is massive; weighing about 1 ton and being 18 feet in diameter.


Queen Eleanor's Medieval Garden, Great Hall, Winchester, Hampshire, England, Great Britain
Winchester. Queen Eleanor's Garden.

This garden was created in 1986 as a faithful replica of a 13th century garden and the design was based on records of royal gardens. All plants used are those that would have been grown in the 13th century.

It really was very pleasant with just the sound of trickling water from the fountain. There was a little plaque which explained that next to the garden wall was the King's House (Charles II) which burned down and little rivulets of pitch from the roof can be seen where they ran down the garden wall and, yes, they can still be seen.