More Information about St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England

I will admit, quite freely, that had I been asked to compile a list of interesting places to vist then St. Albans would not have been very high on the list. No - lets be brutally honest; it would not have made it into the list at all. Then, quite by chance, I saw a comment on the internet from some Americans who said they had been to St. Albans and had really enjoyed their visit.

I had always known of St. Albans - it was one of those towns, near London, about which I had heard nothing of any consequence and so must, therefore, be uninteresting. I suppose that is bad enough but to have that opinion challenged by someone who doesn't even live in this country is doubly embarassing.

After doing some of my own research I had to admit that it did seem as if I was missing something. St. Albans used to be a Roman town (Verulamium) of some considerable importance and, I discovered, it is not a town but a city - it has a cathedral! A visit was going to be necessary.

So it was that we travelled to St. Albans on a sunny day in very late May. We approached the centre of the city via London Road (A1081) and went in to the first car park that we saw (not the Shoppers car park on the right) signposted off to the left which was 'Hart Road'. This proved to be quite near the Cathedral so we started there.

There is a lot to see in St. Albans and these pages cover only a small part. The Tourist Information Centre produces a good range of free material which you can have posted to you, so that you can plan your sightseeing in advance, or you can pick it up when you arrive.

If you go on a day trip don't imagine that you will be able to see everything - you won't. You will, under those circumstances, need to be selective but don't miss the cathedral. If you travel by car then you should read the page about parking.