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This small two star hotel is in the centre of St. David's situated on the edge of the square opposite the Old Cross, just a few minutes walk from the cathedral, and was where we stayed in July 2006. It has an attractive garden in the front with tables and chairs and some of the tallest flowers we have ever seen. No, no, no - I mean TALL - they were truly astonishing and went nearly up to the second floor. Any hotel that can grow flowers that tall must be good. There is a car park to one side with enough parking space for each occupied room.

Our room was on the first floor at the front overlooking the garden and the square. We kept the windows open all the time we were there and traffic noise was not a problem - this is, after all, just a large village. The room was reasonably sized, although a little smaller than we prefer although we didn't feel at all cramped and there was a window seat in each window which was nice but there was no Internet access.

We ate in the restaurant every evening and the food was excellent with a good choice of dishes on the menu. They also provide meals in the bar and, as they come from the same kitchen, I'm sure that they are of the highest standard. The restaurant staff were generally very good although on Sunday when we had Roast Beef they forgot to bring the Horse Radish sauce and when we asked for some they forgot again. That is the only complaint that I can think of for the whole week! One thing they do here which a lot of hotels don't is to put the room number on the table. That's very useful as they do change tables sometimes and one does not need to wait to be told where to sit.

You can see the hotel in the picture of the Old Cross between the cross and the tree. Would we recommend it? Well we would go back to the same hotel without a moments hesitation. There was a man and his wife staying here who visit St. David's and stay in this hotel three times every year which must say something about the hotel.

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