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  Scene showing Christchurch Gate, Canterbury Cathedral, from the narrow medieval Mercery Lane, Canterbury, Kent, EnglandCanterbury   Mercery Lane and Christchurch Gate.

This is the view of Christchurch Gate, the main entrance to the cathedral precincts, seen from Mercery Lane - a narrow medieval street with overhanging buildings.

This lane used to be lined with shops selling souvenirs to pilgrims and leads into Buttermarket Square immediately in front of Christchurch Gate.

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  Photograph of Burgate Street, Canterbury, Kent, England   Burgate Street.

This street used to start at Burgate, one of the original Roman gates into the city, and by the end of the Middle Ages the Burgate, or St Michael's gate as it was often called, was already over twelve hundred years old.

It was rebuilt in the late fifteenth century but was finally demolished in three stages. First the middle was knocked out in 1781 as part of the street-widening of the time then in 1809 the south side of Burgate was taken down and finally the northern tower was demolished in 1822 so that the street could be further widened.

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  Scene showing Butchery Lane, Canterbury, Kent, England   Butchery Lane.

Another of Canterbury's medieval streets this runs parallel to Mercery Lane and into Burgate Street. I imagine that this would be the equivalent of York's Shambles both being used for butchering and selling meat.





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