The area around St. Paul's Cathedral, London  
The Guildhall, London, England, Great Britain
Guildhall, London

Built in the early part of the 15th century the Guildhall, having survived the Great Fire, is the oldest secular stone structure still standing in the City. The public do not generally have access but there are guided tours once a month which must be booked in advance.

The building on the right, only part of which can be seen, is the Guildhall Art Gallery and entry is free.

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The Old Royal Stock Exchange, London, England, Great Britain
The Old Royal Stock Exchange.

The Old Royal Exchange has been converted into a shopping centre of small luxury shops with the central floor used as a cafe.


The Monument, London, England, Great Britain

The monument to the Great Fire of London stands at the junction of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill and was completed in 1677. It is 202 feet high which is also its distance from where the Great Fire started at a bakers in Pudding Lane.

This photograph was taken from Pudding lane.

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Cannon Street and the London Stone, London, England, Great Britain
Cannon Street.

Cannon Street starts near St. Pauls Cathedral and runs slightly south of east towards Monument. 'Nothing special there then' you say. But wait - it's so easy to miss those little things.

Notice that little structure built into the wall on the right. If you look through the grill on the front you will see, behind a sheet of glass, a block of stone. That stone is the 'London Stone'; the point from which the Romans measured all their distances from London. It is almost opposite Cannon Street railway station.

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The Golden Boy of Pye Corner, London, England, Great Britain
Giltspur Street.

Another mundane street view then. You're doing it again aren't you? You are missing those little things. Look at the corner of that building across the street and notice the little niche containing a small figure. That is the golden Boy of Pye Corner.

This is where the Great Fire of London finally stopped.

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