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Norwich Station, Norwich, Norfolk, England, Great Britain

Because Norfolk seems to have such a good public transport network we decided to try it with a trip to the North Norfolk coast by train. You can see here that Norwich has quite an imposing railway station and this is where we started our trip. We used the normal rail service, the Bittern Line, to Sheringham where we planned to connect with the North Norfolk Railway which is a heritage steam railway.

Our train was about seven minutes late arriving at Norwich but we left soon after and by the time we arrived in Sheringham all of the time, except for two minutes, was made up .


2 Carriage Diesel Unit, Norwich Station, Norwich, Norfolk, England, Great Britain

This is our train, a two carriage diesel unit, which was a little noisy at times but suits the job very well. We stopped at a few stations along the way, including Cromer, and arrived at Sheringham after about an hour. In the summer the trains run about every hour.

Walking out of Sheringham Station we could see a plume of steam in the distance and made a bee line for it. It was, of course, the other Sheringham Station on the North Norfolk Railway and there was a steam hauled train waiting at the platform.


We didn't catch that particular train but had a walk around Sheringham first then caught the next steam train out of Sheringham to Weybourne and walked from Weybourne Station into the village. After looking around Weybourne we caught the Coast Hopper bus back to Sheringham and thence, on the Bittern Line, back to Norwich. A satisfying day with no driving!

Public transport links are good with the Bittern line linking Norwich with the north coast at Sheringham. There is also the Wherry Lines which link Norwich with Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.