A road passing through a very narrow archway, Conway, Gwynedd, Great Britain
This gateway is similar to the one on the previous page but is even narrower although there is still room for a car to pass through.

At this gate, however, there is a road sign, fixed to the lampost on the right, which indicates that vehicles coming from the other side of the gate have priority over vehicles approaching from this side.

The black arrow on the sign indicates which direction has priority.

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A road narrowing considerable, Much Wenlock, Shropshire, Great Britain
This road narrows to one lane only as in the archways above but for a different reason. In this case the town was never built to accommodate cars and, before you ask, cars can get through the narrow gap.

There are no road signs to indicate priority so it's a mixture of who gets there first together with some appropriate courtesy.

Where is this?