More Information about Ludlow, Shropshire, England

We stayed in Ludlow for six days on this trip in July 2005. We have been once before about seven years ago which was before this web site was even thought of; we liked it very much then and we like it just as much now. I think that it must be one of our favourite places.

We drove to our hotel on a Thursday parked the car and didn't use it again until the following Monday. We spent those days just walking around the town and very enjoyable it was too.

The Ludlow Tourist Information Centre is in Castle Square and, speaking from experience, they are very, very helpful if you call in with a query and they offer an accommodation booking service.

Ludlow Tourist Information Centre
Castle Street, Ludlow, Shropshire
Telephone: (0)1584 875053
Web site:

This is a medieval town, and it feels like it, with it's narrow streets and amazing collection of ancient buildings which include the very impressive parish church and the equally impressive castle. It has a picturesque river with two rather quaint, narrow bridges and is built on a hill which affords some pretty spectacular views from various places around the town.

It also makes an ideal centre from which to tour the surrounding countryside. Ludlow is very near the border with Herefordshire so there are many places in the northen part of Herefordshire which are within easy reach. The quintessentially english countryside in both Shropshire and Herefordshire is wonderful. You cannot afford to miss it!