More Information about Hastings, Sussex

Hastings, to us, was a great surprise. The image that we held was that of a traditional english seaside resort with sea, a beach and funfare type amusements but little else. Recently we had heard about the 'Old Town' which sounded as though it might be interesting but didn't change our overall view. We decided to go and have a look.

We spent just a day there, having travelled by bus from Rye, and alighted near the bottom of the old town which we explored first. This is a place that should not be missed! Very picturesque with many ancient timber-framed buildings together with a fascinating maze of narrow alleyways known as 'Twittens' of Saxon origin. That was our first big surprise.

After wandering around the Old Town we made our way, via a Twitten of course, to the top of West Hill. We knew about the castle and caves, although we didn't have time to visit the caves this trip, but there were a number of things that we didn't realise about West Hill. We didn't expect it to be as high as it is and we didn't know that it effectively separates Old Town from the newer part of Hastings. We also didn't realise how nice and green and open it is up there although I suspect that later in the season it is very popular with residents and visitors alike and may become a bit crowded. There are pretty amazing views to be had up there. West Hill was our second surprise.

Our third surprise involved East Hill. About as high as West Hill it runs east into Hastings Country Park and extends for about four miles. It should be possible, although we didn't have time to try, to walk along West Hill towards the top of Old Town near All Saints Church cross the road and onto East Hill. We intend to try that on our next visit.

Hastings really does appear to have something for everyone which includes the traditional english resort fans.

One of the many attributes of Hastings is the railway station which means, of course, that you can get there by train and the station is in the centre of the new part of the town. Hastings, especially the old town with it's narrow streets, was never intended to accommodate motor vehicles and parking here is limited. If you are driving then you should read the parking page.

This is a place we definitely want to visit again and for longer next time.

Address and contact information for Hastings Tourist Information:

Tourist Information Centre
Queens Square
Priory Meadow
TN34 1QR

Tel: 0845 274 1001
Fax: 01424 781186


This information is based on our visit to Hastings in April 2008.