More information about Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire

I have known a lot of prospective visitors ask 'Is it worth visiting Stonehenge?' and that is an impossible question to answer as it will depend very much on your own personal point of view. You do however have three options:

1. Driving west from Amesbury along the A303 you will come over the top of a hill and you will see Stonehenge ahead of you sitting on Salisbury Plain. You will see it only for a short time but it will cost you nothing.

2. You could drive into the Stonehenge Car Park for which you will pay a fee which is about half the Stonehenge entry price. You will then be able to walk around the outside of the perimeter wire mesh fence and see Stonehenge. You won't be as near as the visitors inside but you will be able to see it and, probably, take photographs.

3. If you decide that option 2 is not enough you could then pay to go in to the monument itself and at that point your parking fee will be refunded. Visitors must keep to the path around the monument but it does pass quite near the stones at least at one point.

English Heritage Information about Stonehenge.

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