Parking in Broadway, Worcestershire, England

There are two car parks in the village which are well signposted. One described as 'Long Stay' and the other described as 'Short Stay'. There didn't seem to be any difference between the two except that the 'Long Stay' car park was further from the village centre and was virtually empty and the 'Short Stay' car park was much nearer the centre and, going by the number of cars there, was the most popular of the two.

Personally I can't understand why either of them are popular considering how much they charge (£0.70p per hour in 2008) and the lengths they go to to prevent somebody giving their parking ticket with unexpired time to someone else to use. You will find that you have to enter the registration mark of your car into the machine before it issues a ticket.

Another reason for us not to go to Broadway again.

Parking for Broadway Tower is a privately run car park and is free.