More Information about Whitby, North Yorkshire Moors, England

Whitby was a thriving fishing port in the past but was developed as a traditional English seaside resort during Victorian times which is what it is now. It also has a lot of history and historic places to explore. Something for everyone. It is a very popular place and when we were there one Saturday in August 2007 it was seething!

The atmosphere in the west side of Whitby is very much the seaside town with it's cliff walks and large sandy beach. The atmosphere in the east side with cobbled streets and the abbey ruins, however, is that of an historic old town.

Bram Stoker based part of his novel "Dracula" in Whitby and mentions St Mary's church and the 199 steps. Lewis Carroll, author of "Alice in Wonderland", was supposedly inspired to write his poem "The Walrus and the Carpenter" by his walks along Whitby beach.

Just recently the North Yorkshire Moors railway has extended it's heritage services as far as Whitby so don't be surprised if you hear the sound of a steam train near the railway station in addition to the normal trains.

Whitby Tourist Information Centre
Langbourne Road
YO21 1YN

Tel: (0)1723 383636