More Information about York, Yorkshire, England

Our first reaction to York was one of disappointment because a lot of it didn't look particularly old at all however the interest, we found, is in the detail.

I read a remark in a travel book written some two decades ago which describes York as "seeming more mediaeval than any other English town". That may have applied then but it doesn't really apply now. There have been many additional modern commercial structures erected since then which make parts of the city rather unattractive. For example the city walls are interesting and attractive but the majority of views from the walls are anything but. When we walked the walls we saw traffic laden streets, car parks, large glass and metal buildings with backyards containing large rubbish containers. Don't let that put you off walking the walls, because they are interesting in their own right, but don't expect wonderful views either side when you do so.

If you're at all interested in shopping (you're not really are you) there are certainly lots and lots of shops of varying sizes and types. You'll probably get shopping overload. There also seem to be Restaurants, Cafes and Tearooms on every corner.

We missed seeing a number of things (it's easy to do) so we intend going again.

York Tourist Information Centre
1 Museum Street

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