The Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire, England

The Yorkshire Dales start about twenty miles west of the City of York and Harrogate is on the eastern edge of The Dales. Hawes, where we stayed, is about 30 miles west of the A1 and you would then have to travel another 30 miles south east to reach the City of York.

If you have never driven in this area before then I suggest that you don't plan on an average speed of more than 30 MPH when calculating journey times. The roads are generally narrow and twist and turn quite a lot especially when going over high ground between one dale and the next. The 'A' class roads may have one lane in each direction but in some places traffic has to pass carefully.

The countryside, however, is stunning and quite dramatic in many places. Only 12 miles from the Stone House Hotel is Aysgarth where the River Ure descends in a series of steps and a little further on is Castle Bolton. This is truly excellent walking country.