Dan-yr-Ogof, Brecknockshire
Main passage, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

The main passage in Dan-yr-Ogof is quite impressive in size (the figure gives the scale) and the first part is used for two way traffic but later the passage divides and forms a one way loop. Your total journey will be about a half mile (0.8 km).

If you are interested in taking photographs on your visit then bear in mind that this is the worst show cave we have visited for lighting. The lighting is very contrasty with brightly lit small areas and very dark areas.


Large Calcite flow, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

This is one of the earliest calcite decorations and is rather impressive in size (see the figure for scale). You can just see one end of it on the right of the picture above.


Stalactites in the main passage, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

Another part of the impressive main passage showing some stalactites on the right. There is a cage around the stalactites because visitors have been known to cause damage unintentionally or otherwise.


Straw Stalactites, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

A fine collection of straw stalactites on the roof. A straw stalactite has the form of a hollow mineral cylindrical tube and grow in places where water leaches slowly through cracks in rock such as on the rooves of caves.


Calcite decorations in the Main Passage, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

A well decorated part of the main passage showing quite a lot of calcite flows higher up and the development of calcite curtains. The two figures give an idea of scale.

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