Dan-yr-Ogof (2), Brecknockshire
Waterfall, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

A small waterfall in the main stream passage. The water runs away through a natural, but unseen, passage.

The total passage length in Dan-yr-Ogof is 11 miles (No that isn't a misprint). Most of those passages can be visited only by cavers and the show cave is but a very small part of the whole system.


A change in floor level, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

This part of the passage is where the floor level changes significantly such that steps are required.


Calcite column, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

An impressive stalagmite/stalactite pillar. These pillars can take hundreds of thousands of years to form and occur when a stalagmite and stalactite finally meet.

This pillar is inside the loop of passage mentioned on the first paragraph on the first page so that on the way in you will pass one side of the pillar and you will pass it again on the way out.


Calcite curtain, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

A really fine calcite curtain. This formation doesn't need protecting because it is high up in the passage where it cannot be reached, or touched, by visitors.


Dinosaur Park, Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

Having left the Dan-yr-Ogof Cave there is another cave, Cathedral Cave, to visit which is reached by walking up through the Dinosaur Park.


Cathedral Cave, Dan-yr-Ogof.

This is the first part of Cathedral Cave that you will see. The main passage in this cave is generally much larger than that in the Dan-yr-Ogof cave. The stream is visible on the right of the path.

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