Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill
Aberystwyth is a university town on the Ceredigion Coast in the west of Wales. Constitution Hill on the north edge of the town, scaled by the Aberystwyth Cliff Railway, gives access to panoramic views at the summit and also features a cafe and camera obscura.

The scenic Mid Wales landscape within easy reach of the town includes the wilderness of the Cambrian Mountains.

Although the town is relatively modern, there are a number of historic buildings, including the remains of the castle and the Old College of Aberystwyth University nearby.

Seafront buildings, Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth has a number of interesting listed buildings in the town and an example is this colourful terrace of large Victorian houses built in the latter half of the 19th century and right on the seafront. Some of these buildings have been grouped together to form hotels.

A short way beyond the far end is the Cliff Railway which goes to the top of Constitution Hill.

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Constitution Hill Railway, Aberystwyth

The Aberystwyth Cliff Railway opened on 1 August 1896. It is a 778 feet long funicular railway and is the second longest funicular railway in the British Isles. It is now a Grade II listed structure. The maximum gradient is more than 1:2 (50 per cent).

It is open to passengers during the summer months, typically operating between April and October, with a reduced timetable during the rest of the year.

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Aberystwyth Castle

Aberystwyth Castle.

The castle was built in the late 13th century and, during a national uprising by Owain Glynd┼Ár, the Welsh captured the castle in 1404, but it was recaptured by the English four years later. The castle was slighted by Oliver Cromwell in 1649.

There is not a lot of the castle left now but there is enough to make a visit worthwhile.

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Beach and seafront, Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth Beach is split into two parts - North Beach and South Beach. They are separated by a rocky outcrop on which stands Aberystwyth Castle. North Beach is the most popular as it includes various attractions such as the Pier but South Beach is quieter.

Both the beaches are made of a dark sand which is noticeably different from the usual golden sand that one tends to expect, but are perfectly normal in all other respects.

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