Funicular bottom station

The platforms are a series of steps for obvious reasons and this is one of the two cars waiting at the bottom terminus. There is no special disabled access.


Cars on the Funicular

The cars travel at a stately 4 miles per hour and this shows the two cars about to pass. We trundled up slowly and there is very little noise and quite a smooth ride.


Funicular top station

A car just arriving at the upper terminus which is where the electric winding mechanism is located.

View from the funicular

This view is from one of the bridges over the cliff railway track. These bridges carry the public footpath, which is an alternative route, and it's nowhere near as steep as the railway.

We went up on the funicular and walked down the footpath which winds its way back and forth down the hill. At this point we were going across the bridge from right to left but when we reached the bridge below we went across from left to right.