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One Old, One New – Day 2

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After breakfast at the hotel we collected our possessions and put everything in the car. We were ready for a new day and a new place.

After a short drive of around 30 minutes we arrived, (more

One Old, One New – Day 1

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One Old, One New – Day 1

We were sitting in the No. 2 bus in a traffic jam, with the sea on our left, wondering whether it would be quicker to get out and walk but we decided that, as we were averaging about walking pace, we might as well sit and let the bus do the work. (more

A Wild Flower Walk

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We decided to walk around Garth Hill (our local hill) today, as we have done before, and I recorded the wild flowers we saw on the way. The most prolific flower at this time of year is the Dandelion (the gardeners nightmare) and they were alongside the path near the beginning of the walk and […]

Wales in Spring!


These photographs were taken this morning in our garden. It’s April – Say no more!

Cold, and Yellow Trumpets

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You may remember that in my previous post I showed a photograph of a solitary wild daffodil on the Croft Castle Estate and said that were more plants round about and that we may come back in a few weeks time for another look. In the meantime I have managed to develop a stinking cold […]

Butterflies and Flowers

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Butterflies? Flowers? February? It’s not as silly as it sounds. It all started this morning with a bright sun in a cloudless sky – it was going to be a beautiful day so we just had to go somewhere. That somewhere turned out to be Croft Castle. We wanted to try and find some snowdrops […]

Barry & Amanda go to Paradise


It may be that this may not quite match your vision of Paradise and, in fact, it probably doesn’t match ours either but it’s there in writing so it must be true. This trip was to be a test to see if it was going to be practicable to visit Birmingham as a number of […]