Fifty Shades of May

Fifty Shades of May

After the short grey days of winter it’s a relief to see colour appearing once again. The Rhododendrons in our garden are now displaying their flowers.

However if we drive half an hour south to Kington in Herefordshire then Hergest Croft Gardens put our little show to shame with a veritable explosion of colour.

There are plenty of Bluebells in Park Wood adding to the colour.

There are also some splendid views to be had from the higher ground in Park Wood.

What’s knot to like?

Even when the petals start to drop there is still plenty of colour.

So ends a refreshing walk around just part of their 70 acres of garden.

One thought on “Fifty Shades of May

  1. Spring is such an exciting time of the year. After a dull winter, seeing colorful flowers starting to pop up tells you that there are many more months of delightful surprises just around the corner.
    Love the walks you take us on. :clapping:


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