We decided to walk around Garth Hill (our local hill) today, as we have done before, and I recorded the wild flowers we saw on the way.

The most prolific flower at this time of year is the Dandelion (the gardeners nightmare) and they were alongside the path near the beginning of the walk

and this was a closeup of a rather nice bunch together with some stitchwort

and they were alongside the lane near the end. They do get absolutely everywhere.

Common Dog Violet
Wood Sorrel
Cuckoo Flower
Wood Anemone
Red Campion
Wild Strawberries
Yellow Archangel

Bluebells are only just beginning to appear. They will not be at their best for another week or two.

Lesser Stitchwort
Ground Ivy

The interesting thing about this time of year is that in perhaps two weeks the available flowers can change dramatically from what we see here to something quite different.

Till next time then.