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Barry & Amanda go to Paradise


It may be that this may not quite match your vision of Paradise and, in fact, it probably doesn’t match ours either but it’s there in writing so it must be true. This trip was to be a test to see if it was going to be practicable to visit Birmingham as a number of […]

Trains, Cranes and Cobbles


Chance is a fine thing. Our weather forecasters invariably get it wrong but occasionally a forecast will turn out to be right purely by chance. Saturday was one of those forecasts. It was forecast to be sunny all day and so it was. We leaped on a train, figuratively speaking, and leaped off at Stratford […]

Did you know that Google Maps can be used to navigate when using public transport in London? You can use it either on your computer before you go or on your smartphone whilst on the move. We planned to go to London yesterday. I wanted to go to the British Museum again and Amanda wanted […]