Lavenham (2), Suffolk. Location map
  View of the square, Lavenham, Suffolk, England   The Square, Lavenham.

This view of The Square shows the Market Cross and the church tower in the background with the Guildhall out of the picture to the left.

The Angel Inn, on the right, was originally a medieval house but converted to an inn in 1420.



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  View of High Street, Lavenham, Suffolk, England   High Street, Lavenham.

This view is a little way past Water Street going towards the church.

Notice that all the buildings visible are of jettied construction and that the gable of the first building on the left is leaning forward.



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  View of the River Brett, Lavenham, Suffolk, England   The River Brett, Lavenham.

This is the 'water' to be found at the bottom of Water Street on the very edge of Lavenham. Beyond this, to the left, are open fields.




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  View of the scenery around Lavenham, Suffolk, England   Landscape view, Lavenham.

This is the view obtained by crossing the River Brett on the public footpath and walking to the top of the hill.




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