Radnor Forest, Radnorshire
Black Brook, Radnor Forest, Radnorshire

Radnor Forest is a forest in the old medieval sense (an unenclosed area used for hunting) which is to say that, yes there are wooded areas, but there are also a lot of open areas the highest point of which is 2150 feet.

Black Brook in Warren wood is in a small ravine with the Water-break-its-neck waterfall at its head. There is a car park nearby and this is a short, easy walk away.


Water-break-its-neck Waterfall, Radnor Forest, Radnorshire

Following the path upstream along the ravine, for a short way, will bring you to this waterfall. The amount of water flowing over the fall will obviously be dependant on the weather.

The path ends here and you will have to walk back the way you came along by Black Brook.


A deer in Warren Wood, Radnor Forest, Radnorshire

Whilst walking in Warren Wood we surprised this deer. We weren't able to make a positive identification but we think it may be a Roe Deer (probable) or a Red Deer (unlikely). Needless to say that once it had spotted us it didn't stay long.


The view from Warren Wood, Radnor Forest, Radnorshire

The view from the southern end of Warren Wood looking south-east. The hill on the left is Fron Hill, the hill on the right is Mynd and the hill ahead is Castle Hill.

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