Radnor Forest (2), Radnorshire
Four Stones, Radnor Forest, Radnorshire
The Four Stones, Radnor Forest, Radnorshire

These four standing stones are to be found 2 miles due east of New Radnor and due south of Kinnerton by the junction of 3 narrow country lanes. There is reputed to be a line of standing stones, including the Four Stones, from Kinnerton to Old Radnor, just south of here, marking what may be the oldest traffic route in Britain.

Offa's Dyke is also just 6 miles east of here.


View of a Byeway, Radnor Forest, Radnorshire
A Byeway, Radnor Forest.

A byeway is an unsurfaced road and this particular byeway starts very near the Four Stones. The view is towards the Radnor Forest hills with the obvious hill being 'Whimble'. The byeway eventually joins the A44 to Kington.


A solitary standing stone, Radnor Forest, Radnorshire
A Standing stone, Radnor Forest.

We found this solitary standing stone just south of Kinnerton and it is probably one of those forming the line referred to above which includes the Four Stones.