The Coast, North Yorkshire Moors, England
Staithes, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain
Staithes, Yorkshire.

Church Street, one of the narrow streets in Staithes, can only be reached by going down High Street to the quay, along the quay and then up Church Street. The only way out of Church Street is back the way you came unless you choose to use public footpaths across the fields.

Walking the streets of Staithes means that you are walking either down or up. The only level place appears to be the quay

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Kettleness, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain
Kettleness, Yorkshire.

About 5 miles south of Staithes is Kettleness. Kettleness is a very small hamlet, consisting of only a few houses on top of the cliffs, at the end of a narrow road which stops at Kettleness. Runswick Bay, yet another quaint seaside village, can be seen across the bay nestling in a gap in the cliffs.

There is a headland here of bare rock which can yield fossils and, many years ago, I did find an unusual fossil here.

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Whitby, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain
Whitby, Yorkshire.

This view is on the road from Sleights, in Esk Dale, through Ugglebarnby (Yes, really) towards the B1416.

You can see just about the whole of Whitby including the abbey ruins on the right.

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Robin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire, England, Great Britain
Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire.

Robin Hood's Bay is both a bay and a village - they both have the same name. The village is much like Staithes in that it is built on both sides of a valley, through which runs a small stream, running steeply down to the sea.

We first visited the Yorkshire coast in July 1999 staying at the Wrea Head Country House Hotel in Scalby on the outskirts of Scarborough.

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