Landscape view of open countryside in Great Britain
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An illustrated travel guide to Great Britain, based on personal experience of the locations, with pictures of mountains, moorlands, quaint villages, pastoral landscapes, historic buildings over 1000 years old, the coast, steam railways, wild flowers, fossils and much more.

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  Been There - Done That: An illustrated guide to Great Britain

This web site was 21 years old in January 2022.
"What is it?"

A pictorial travel guide to Great Britain based on actual personal experience

It features places that we have visited ( 'Been There' ), and photographed ( 'Done That' ), since I started using a digital camera in 1998. It is not a collection of other people's information and is a non-commercial site (We don't get paid for doing it and there are no advertisements).

Great Britain includes England, Scotland and Wales only. It does not include the Channel Islands or any part of Ireland. The areas on the map, marked in dark grey, are places for which we do not yet have pictures and the light grey areas are outside the scope of this site.

"What's in it for me?" The site is arranged by county and if you are not familiar with the British county system then you can see how they are laid out on the map above. If you are not happy with that then there is a section where the information is arranged by subject e.g. Churches, Landscapes, Coasts, Medieval etc. There is also a search option, where you can search for specific terms, together with a gazetteer (names of places in an alphabetical list).

There is a section on driving, with pictures, aimed specifically at overseas visitors and separate sections on public transport for those of you who do not wish to drive and a section on public footpaths for those who are interested in walking.

There is a Guestbook where you may comment on this web site, and there is 'Our Blog' in which I give an account of 'Britain related' items which I hope will be of interest including short trips which are not really comprehensive enough to be included in the main site. The Blog also has an RSS Feed which means that if you have a Feed Reader then you will automatically be notified when additions are made.

There is an updates page detailing the latest additions to the site and this is also available as an RSS Feed

You are welcome to suggest places that you think other visitors would like to see and which we should visit. We cannot promise to include them but if we can then we will.

We do our best to provide accurate information but we do not guarantee its accuracy. You'll be pleased to know that the responsibility for checking the accuracy of the information is entirely yours particularly if something important depends upon it.

Photographs on this site were taken with Nikon D7200, Nikon D80, Olympus E10, Casio Exilim Z850 and Olympus 1400L digital cameras and are the copyright © of Barry Samuels unless stated otherwise. Photographs may not be copied or reproduced without permission although this is likely to be freely given for non-commercial use.

Comments and suggestions are welcome:  email me.

Images were processed using The Gimp running under Debian Linux both of which are free!

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Outline map showing the positions of some major towns in England, Wales &Scotland.

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