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Here today, gone tomorrow.

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I went for a walk down by the River Teme in Knighton yesterday and used the path I usually use and came upon this. You should be able to see the path coming towards the camera except that a lot of it isn’t there anymore. The river has been in flood recently and washed away […]

Somebody was hungry.

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This is a log that has been split to go on our fire. The dried log is very light which probably means that it is Willow and we do have willow trees in our garden. The creature that chomped its way through that burrow was probably a beetle larva and possibly a member of the […]

The Fungal Jungle

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We have just been up into Kinsley Wood on the top of Panpunton Hill in Knighton to look for fungi. We found a number of different sorts some of which we think we have identified and some we haven’t. If you can identify any of them do please let me know. These are pictures of […]

Happy Christmas


We would like to wish all our visitors a very happy christmas and a happy new year. It seems almost certain that we won’t be having any snow before the new year but after that who knows?

The New King!

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We were in the Offa’s Dyke Centre in Knighton recently and we are now able to introduce you to the new king. This is the old King Offa: and this is the new King Offa: The throne is a replica of what King Offa’s throne would have looked like. The king is a replica of […]

Our weather


About a year ago I purchased a weather station which I erected in our garden where it has been standing since. I thought that you might like to see some aspects of our weather over the last year. First the temperature (Blue Line). You can ignore the red line which is the Dewpoint.    Secondly […]

Rocks and Red


A short while back, before Amanda had her foot operation, we had to go to Llandrindod Wells and I stopped to take this photograph on the way. It shows a hill called Llandegley Rocks but known locally as the Dragon’s Back and perhaps you can see why. We keep promising ourselves that we will climb […]