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Return from Rotherhithe


It all started so well too. We arrived, as usual, at Liverpool Street Station after an uneventful journey and walked down to Aldgate where, by chance, we discovered something that we weren't anticipating. This is a modern wooden monument which is standing on the site of one of the old London gates, namely, Aldgate. It […]



We caught the No. 11 bus at Liverpool Street Station heading west and had to wait a little while, when the bus encountered some heavy traffic, between the Bank of England and the Old Royal Exchange. The hold-up wasn't for long and we alighted in the Strand, within sight of Nelson's Column, near Bedford Street. […]

Amanda had a lunch appointment today with her sister and, at the moment, it's not easy to find a day where the sun is out for a good part of the day but today was one of those days so I just had to go. Amanda really didn't mind. I started, as usual, at Liverpool […]

A narrow perspective


I often see prospective visitors to this country asking what the weather will be like at such and such a time of year. The simple answer is that nobody knows. Even our weather forecasters often get it wrong. Let me give you an example. On Friday the forecast for Saturday was clear skies all day […]

Another Thursday – another trip to Wapping. Let me explain to our various overseas visitors that Wapping is not pronounced the way it is spelled but instead it's pronounced 'Wopping'. Now that we've got that sorted I'll remind you that at the end of the last report I said: "Perhaps we'll get better weather next […]